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Donovan Funk creates alternative rock inspired by Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, and Tor Miller; both in lyricism and musical expression. He started playing guitar at an early age, learning classic rock riffs that he heard while forming early memories with his dad. After his teen years he rediscovered his love for the instrument and began building songs based around what he could learn from the internet.


Donovan Funk is currently focusing on live performances locally and nationally while writing new music and developing his sound for the next phase of his career.

Press Coverage

"There’s a lot to be said about the importance of song... no amount of studio trickery or texture or experimentation can ever dethrone the absolute power of a great song, and while Funk spends a lot of time developing textures and playing with production, it’s clear that he never loses that focus.


- Brett Fieldcamp, Oklahoma City Free Press

"Artists like (Donovan Funk) are refreshing and bright and we need this kind of music right now more than ever."


- The Sounds Won't Stop

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