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Donovan Funk releases "Read My Mind," a song for the bedroom.

For release August 27th, 2021 - Oklahoma City, OK


Donovan Funk's "Read My Mind" explores the moments leading up to being intimate with someone, making it a perfect addition to your "make out" playlist. "I wrote this track at a time in my life where I glorified the whole process. I wanted to give people something to put on in the background when they're partaking in such activities" he says. "It's only 3 minutes long but that's all I've ever needed." The self produced recording combines clean guitar tones and a laid back drum groove that support the soft vocals and lighthearted lyrics. 

The Oklahoma City based artist draws inspiration from Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley, Tom Petty, and Tor Miller; both in lyricism and musical expression. Donovan Funk is currently working on an album in his home studio writing and recording original compositions to share with the world via streaming services and live performances. Using intuition and classical training from school orchestra, he is able to include a multitude of instrument to his productions such as bass, drums, keyboard, and cello. ​ You can also find him performing at festivals, markets, and venues in Oklahoma City with a set that starts out mellow and builds to a screaming finale. 

Listen to Donovan Funk's latest single on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other major platforms the next time you have someone over or bring them to one of Donovan Funk's live mesmerizing performances. 

For general information on the artist, please visit

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