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Donovan Funk releases single "Sex Sells"

For release August 26th, 2022 - Oklahoma City, OK

Sex Sells (large).jpg

Donovan Funk announces his most recent release "Sex Sells," a song that formed when a bad hook up experience collided with a Deftones obsession. This track is a precursor to his debut album and follows the three singles that have all reached over 1,000 streams on Spotify, as well as been featured on the Spy's OK Rock Show and KOSU's music minute. The self produced recording begins with a smooth bass riff later supported by heavy guitar and grooving drums.

"Sex Sells explores the ways our society conditions us to express our sexuality, but with the reluctance and disdain that I’ve experienced when following through with those expectations. As a man I’m often put in a position to take charge and be in control of sex, but I find myself uncomfortable with the role and I strive for a better balance of power. Femininity in our current culture is often immediately sexualized and so the cover art serves two purposes: The first is to get attention in order to encourage people to look at how they view feminine attributes on a body that they might not typically sexualize. The second purpose is to show how I want to be seen sexually in hopes that I’m not put into the masculine role that people often associate with the body I was born with.." - Donovan Funk

The Oklahoma City based artist draws inspiration from Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, and Tor Miller; both in lyricism and musical expression. Donovan Funk is currently working on an album in his home studio writing and recording original compositions to share with the world via streaming services and live performances. Using intuition and classical training from school orchestra, he is able to include a multitude of instrument to his productions such as bass, drums, and piano. ​ You can also find him performing at festivals, markets, and venues in Oklahoma City with a set that starts out mellow and builds to a screaming finale. 

Listen to Donovan Funk's latest single on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other major platforms.

For general information on the artist, please visit

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