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Donovan Funk's debut album "Subjective Reality" and release show.

For release October 28th, 2022 - Oklahoma City, OK

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Donovan Funk explores topics of dependence, death, depression, and dismay in his debut coming-of-age album "Subjective Reality." The Oklahoma City-based artist draws inspiration from Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, and Tor Miller; with a focus on lyricism and expressive vocal delivery. After three years of writing and performing, the self-produced work comes to fruition with 11 compelling tracks and a thorough photoshoot to match.

"There’s almost a sense that the entire album is, in reality, just a series of sparse bedroom ballads, and that all of the drums, fuzzy guitars, synth pads and layers are all just coming out of Funk’s own dreaming mind.

Like a single singer accompanied only by his own imagination.

The overarching theme throughout is undoubtedly mortality, not only in Funk’s many hushed considerations of death, but in his examinations of the mind and the body and the complications between them." - Brett Fieldcamp, Oklahoma City Free Press 

"The name 'Subjective Reality' was really just an overcomplicated way to say 'Self Titled.' It's all commentary on my experiences from my point of view and isn't meant to be a message to anyone. I just had emotions that I wanted to verbalize and rather than find a therapist or be vulnerable with someone else, I wrote this album. My life has improved so much just from the connections that I've made with others during this time and it's all thanks to the work I put into this project." - Donovan Funk

Donovan Funk will be celebrating the release with a live performance at Trolley Stop Record Shop in Oklahoma City on the release date, 10-28.

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